Manage your company's emissions

Access our free platform to measure, reduce and offset your company’s carbon footprint. 

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Manage your corporate carbon footprint 

Calculate your company's emissions

Save time with our calculator, you can measure one or several footprints corresponding to different offices and/or companies.
- Scopes 1, 2 and 3
- No need to be an expert
- Automated calculations

Get mitigation plans

Get a strategy designed to reduce and offset greenhouse gas emissions in order to contribute to the fight against climate change.

Reduce with renewable energy

Reducing your carbon footprint is crucial to save the planet and save resources. Decrease the carbon footprint generated by your electricity consumption by using renewable energy certificates.

Offset your carbon footprint

Offset your company's unavoidable emissions through one of our certified projects.

Get international certificates

Execute your climate actions with internationally verified renewable energy certificates and carbon credits.

Visualize your company's report

Discover and download your personalized carbon footprint report, view your results and take action towards a more sustainable future now! 

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Make your event carbon neutral

Access our expertly developed calculator to help you measure the carbon footprint of your corporate events.

You will be able to obtain a mitigation guide and a report with a detail of the emissions generated.

Then offset the carbon footprint of the event with certified projects, through carbon credits.

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We help companies to train on topics related to climate change, carbon footprint, carbon markets and renewable energy.

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