Conservation of the Amazon Rainforest – REDD+ / Brazil

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REDD+ project to stop deforestation on private plots totaling 135,105 hectares on the edge of the deforestation frontier in Brazil. The project generates multiple climate, social and biodiversity benefits.

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About the project

The project area covers almost 150,000 hectares of land within the municipality of Portel, Pará in Brazil. It does this through field patrolling, strategic physical occupation of the territory, improving forest management practices and promoting the sustainable use of forest products. The project also focuses on local communities within the area, improving their quality of life and empowering them. The communities are involved in biodiversity-related activities, as forest resources provide almost all of the families’ income, as well as their food. Villagers within the project area will be trained and employed as forest guards to patrol the area to prevent illegal logging and deforestation by offering squatters to cooperate with the project.