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Neutralize your company’s carbon footprint today.

We developed a simple platform for you to measure, reduce and offset the greenhouse gas emissions generated by your company.


It's simple, you can calculate your company's emissions, quickly, free of charge and accurately.
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You can choose to reduce by operating with renewable energy certificates.
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You can offset your footprint with carbon credits associated with projects certified by the VCS standard.
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Neutralize your footprint

You can choose more than one project to neutralize your emissions.

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Environmental impact

We allocate part of our revenues to support reforestation and renewable energy projects.

International guarantee

We offer you access to international certificates based on globally recognized standards.


We developed a platform to facilitate the management of our clients' emissions.

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We help companies achieve carbon neutrality by offering a comprehensive carbon footprint management service.

We are a certified B company, working for a triple impact: economic, social and environmental. To achieve this, we form an interdisciplinary team, formed by a group of collaborators distributed globally.

We seek to inspire more and more organizations to take action on climate change and commit to achieve carbon neutrality.


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Do you have questions?

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How can you benefit from our platform?

You can measure your carbon footprint quickly, free of charge and accurately without the need for a consultancy. Our calculator was developed following the most widely used measurement standard worldwide, the GHG Protocol.

Moreover, once calculated, you will be able to neutralize your footprint through the same platform, thus achieving carbon neutrality.

How can I offset my company's emissions?

Once you have your footprint measured, the next step is to neutralize it. You can reduce your electricity consumption’s carbon footprint by operating with renewable energy, and also offset the remaining footprint by purchasing carbon credits from our portfolio.

Who validates the certificates that can be purchased on the platform?

These are validated by the most widely used international standards globally, among them I-REC and VCS from Verra.

What happens after I buy these certificates on the platform?

We deliver them to you redeemed with the name of your company and also help you communicate this action.

How does this actions help my company?

It positions you as a carbon neutral company, adding value to your brand by demonstrating concrete actions against global warming.