Today's companies,
The future of the planet.

We are a climate tech company that aims to contribute to climate change mitigation by helping companies manage their carbon footprint.

Through our platform, companies will be able to measure, reduce and offset the emissions they generate, in an easy and accessible way.

Our commitment drives us to promote a positive socio-environmental impact, an initiative we call Impact Plus. This involves collaborating in ecosystem reforestation projects with local organizations.

As a certified B company, we pride ourselves on developing a holistic approach to the work we do. We seek to effectively balance the social, economic and environmental aspects of our operations, thus reinforcing our dedication to a triple positive impact.

Our team, composed of interdisciplinary professionals, works remotely from different parts of the world. This diversity and flexibility are fundamental pillars of our corporate culture, driving creativity and innovation in everything we do.

We believe that business has a key role to play in climate change. That’s why we strive to inspire more organizations to take action and commit to achieving carbon neutrality.

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